Success Stories


About: Performance Highlights Of Rural Distribution

  • Franchising of Rural Distributions has been incepted in the year 2006.

  • Through out EPDCL there are 12 rural feeders in tribal areas are being maintained by self help group IKP Mandal Mahila Samakhya.

  • Franchising of 11 KV Donubai and Kusimi was started in 16.11.2007 and is being maintained by IKP Mahila Mandal Samakhya Seethampeta for operation and maintenance of the connected lines covering the tribal villages of Seethampeta Mandal.

  • Eastern Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh limited has taken a bold step towards improving the reliability of power supply as well as reduction of line losses in interior tribal areas, where theft of power by direct hooking is very predominant and where it is difficult to arrest theft in these areas since it is predominantly influenced by Maoist movement area.

  • Power Supply position is being discussed regularly once in fortnight by the president IKP Mandal Mahila Samakhya along with the tribal youth engaged by them and the consumer complaints are being redressed with in a stipulated time. Reviews are being conducted by the APEPDCL officials once in a month to monitor the performance and also providing financial and technical support to achieve the best results.

  • It is not only creating employment for tribal youth through IKP Self Help Groups (SHGs) but also which has yielded very fruitful results. The line losses were reduced from 47.33 % to 20.26 % over a span of 2 years.

  • IKP Mandal Mahila Samakhya, Seethampeta has got gold shield in recognition to the outstanding performance in improving the efficiency of electricity distribution and revenue management in rural areas for the feeders viz., 11 KV Seethampeta-Kusimi and 11 KV Seethampeta-Donubai during the year 2008-09, 2009-10


About: Rural Power Distribution

APDCL decided to give the work of rural power distribution to Franchisee with the aim to provide better and prompt service to rural consumers, to enhance revenue collection, to prevent pilferages and allowed Rural Distribution Franchisee to earn certain level of profit so that the scheme is sustainable in long run. The Scheme provided supply of power to Franchisee at single point. The Franchisee scope included meter reading, billing, revenue collection and to attend calls from consumers. He is required to regularize consumer records,deposit 2 months bill amount as security deposit. The ownership of the distribution assets is with utility and they were to replace damaged items maintain DTR, Network etc. Franchisee was expected to achieve a collection efficiency of 90%.Further the terms provided 15% commission for the services rendered by him, 2%maintenance allowance ,3% rebate on timely payment and ` 0.20 concession on unit charge of domestic consumers. The major thrust was on loss reduction by 20-22% which would result in availability of additional 800MU of energy annually and additional revenue collection of `.240 crore. For reduction technical losses, the Franchisee took balancing of load per phase, correction of earthing, tightening of jumpers, bushing rods, joint etc. cleaning of carbons in connections, maintenance of HT, LT, and DTR Similarly for reduction in commercial losses, the Franchisee did sealing of all energy meters, changed old and defective meters, regular checking against hooking and meter tempering, regular meter reading and billing and revenue collection.The consumer records were also corrected. As a result of technical an commercial losses reduction measures, AT&C losses were brought down to 19% from previous level of 60%, revenue collection increased 4 to 5 times and also resulted in increase consumer satisfaction. (Presentation on Single point power supply scheme given by Shri K.Medhi youth-care on 4th June 2010 at Lucknow)