Guest Faculty


S Ganesh Babu

Sub-Station Opertaion & Maintenance & Distribution

Ram Moham Meda

Customer Management, Assessment of Energy & SCADA

A D V Saibaba Rao

Power Reforms & Regulatory Affairs

E M Chakravarthi

Protection, Transformers, Earthing, DSM, Loss Reduction, Construction Standards, Disaster Management, SCADA, Distribution Automation, Reactive Power Compensation, Safety, Latest Metering Technologies, Smart Meters

Saratchandra Seenu

Pilferage of Energy & Legal Aspects

M Sundaraiah

Comunications Systems

M Gopala Rao

Generation & Transmission

Y Babu

Circuit Breakers

J Nagesh Kumar

Clean Development Mechanism

V Sudhakar

Load Forecast Techniques & Distribution System Planning

V Raghunandan

Financial Ratios, Corporate Governance, Company Law & Auditing

Ms S Aparna

Accounting Systems&Standards

DVS Someswara Rao

PPA & Competitive Bidding

G SathiRaju

Budgeting & Budgetary Techniques, Capital Budgeting Decisions

K Hari Prasad

Preparation of Annual Revenue Requirements & Working Capital Management

C Jagadesh Reddy

Capital Budgeting, Costing and Cost Management

SL Narasimha Rao

Project Appraisal & Risk Analysis, Capital Budgeting

Dr. C V N Reddy

Communications & Public Relations

Dr. Srinivas Shenoy

Personality Development & Organizational Behavioural Changes

K Srinivas

Time Management, Leadership Qualities, Positive Thinking & Attitude

K Vijay Kumar

Employee Motivation and Morale Development

A Viswanathan

Stress Management & Solar Power Thermal Generation

Ch Venkata Rajam

Hydro Power Generation, Hydel Station

M Narasimha Rao

Power Generation and Tariff Fixation

S Karuna Sagar

Project Management and Safety Management

VVSRR Narasimha Rao

Protection and Transformers

Dr. T S Surendra

Solar Power Generation

N Ram Mohan

Generation through Wind Energy and Bio Mass

K Sreerama Murthy

Thermal Powre Generation and Regulatory Affairs

A K Ashok

Generation Planning

L Parthasarathi

Load Flows & Transmission Planning, Load Forecasting

Tayi Krishna Rao

Designs of EHV/UHV Transmission lines and Substations & HVDC Transmission Technologies

C Venkateswarulu

Protection System in Generation and Transmission

K Ramakrishnan

Hot line maintenance Techniques

N Vijay Kumar

EHT Lines - Survey, Erection, Testing and Commissioning

Sri Murali

Renewable Energy - Wind

B Agashe

Dissolved Gas Analysis and Furan Analysis for Transformers

Dr K S Reddy

Solar Thermal Powe Generation

M Kumaravel

Solar Photovoltaic Systems

MR Pawar

Solar Tracking System

Dr. CVSN Murthy

Solar Insulation - Testing & Commissioning

V Ranga Rao

HVDC, EHT Reactors

B Satyanarayana

Design, Erection and Commisioning of Gas Power Station

S C Satyanarayana

O&M Shunt Reactors and Serious Capacitors

KV Nageshwar Rao

R & M of Thermal Power Plants

A Sahoo

Tariff Policy, Tariff Fixation & Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Vishnuvardhan

First Aid - with referrence to Electrical Accidents

M Subba Rao

Underground Cables

Dr. G Mohan Rao

Gas Insulated sub-stations

Dr. M Srinivas

Appraisal of Non-Conventional Energy Sources Power Plants

T Vishnu Vardhan Reddy

Power Management, Distribution Operations

IV Ramesh Kumar

Energy Conservation, Accounting & Audit in Thermal Power Stations

MN Paul

Hydro Power Generation

B Jagadesh Prasad

Design of Hydro Power Plants

SV Ramana

Operation, Maintenance & Protection in Hydro Power Stations

L RadhaKrishna

Distribution Planning and Designing, Technical Loss Reduction techniques, Energy Audit, HVDS, DSM, Preparation of Project Reports, Etc..

Tapan Chouwdary






N L V Prasad Rao


KV Surya Prakash Rao

EHV Power Transformers –Principles,. construction & Design Aspects- operation of PTRs-losses - latest Developments

PSN Raju

Protection and Automation(MRT)


Metering, Detection of Theft of energy cases, Transformers testing.

N.Rama chander

Solar power plant- Invertors- Types, salient features and usages

Bhanu Prakash

Instrumentation In solar Power plants

P. Narendrakumar

Instrumantation & Control, SCADA Syatems, Protection System, Substation equipment of generation, transition & Distribution

Panduranga Murthy

Distribution automation, Installation of Auto re-closures and sensationalizes, Maintenance free earthing

Sumanth Reddy

Metering & Billing

Dr.T.S. Surendra

Energy Systems

Dr Ravi Kumar

First Aid

B Y Babu

EHV Circuit Brecker, Design, Testing/ Control Switching

ESS Shastry

Energy Management, Energy Conservation, Solar PV design installation commissioning

Dr T S R Murthy

a. 30Yrs of BHEL Corp R&D Experience in Transformers condition monitoring,Life Estimation, Turbine Oil quality and life, Generator insulation condition monitor. Rted as Deputy General Manager from BHEL (R&D)
b. 7Yrs Exp in dealing with Rocket Fuels such as Liquid & Solid Propellants in DRDL
c. 7Yrs teaching Exp as Professor in Engineering college



TGS Kumar

Generators, and Excitation System

Dr. Bhiksham

Atomic Power Plant

PV Rao

Civil foundations